Sepia Mermaid.

"She had so many private habits
she would masturbate sometimes
she always picked her nose when upset
she liked to sit with silence
in the dark
sadness is not an unusual state
for the black woman
or writers"
- Nikki Giovanni


I walked out of the bathroom like a virgin, wrapped in a towel… He did not remove the towel. Grabbing another one, he dried my back and neck and face. He was nude, thin legs and narrow waist, muscular torso and tight buttocks.
He took my hand as though he thought I might break, and led me to the bed. He whisked back the covers and bowed chivalrously, assisting me into the crispness of hotel sheets. We lay in the dark next to each other, neither speaking nor touching.”
“I know you’re exhausted,’ he whispered eventually. I just wanted to be near you, after dreaming about you for so long. May I hold you?”
As I snuggled into the strength of his arms… He began to rock me back and forth, so gently that tears fell from my eyes. He brushed them away with the tenderest kisses.

- Elaine Brown, A Taste of Power

"Any action which does not mobilize the community toward the goal is not a revolutionary action. The action might be a marvelous statement of courage, but if it does not mobilize the people toward the goal of a higher manifestation of freedom it is not making a political statement and could even be counterrevolutionary."- Huey P. Newton, co-founder and Minister of Defense, Black Panther Party

Top Boondocks Quotes #17 (Season 1, Episode 1).  More booty to come, starting 4/21 [adult swim]